Nasty Habits "Jacqueline"

Hard Rock project from 2006-1018

Slamnation "Psalm 151"

Hardcore project in 2014

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Deeder Deets Records

The story of Deeder Deets starts in 1980, when Jon Nelson studied music business at UCLA. Many rejection notices from every major label in Los Angeles could've been used as wall paper in his bedroom. Having been a musician age five, and singer/song writer since 9 years old, he developed a passion for sound engineering and music production. Getting recordings made and pressing records was actually the easy part. Touring, Marketing and sales was a whole other animal. The label was mostly used for Jon's music, but a few local hard core  underground bands were released on the label early on. Many pieces of this unique business model didn't really come together until recently. There is an extensive back catalog, but the current act on the label is NASTY HABITS. Various acts, such as Neighborhood Watch, No Mercy, The Brood, and Jon's late cousin, Ernie Centeno are slated for re-release later this year.

What Inspires us

Inspiration is everything! Creativity, imagination, and a defiant attitude define the vibe at Deeder Deets Records. Here's the funny part. In 1980 Jon Nelson knew that one day people would be able to record at home, and release music to the world without limitations set by the music industry. There was no internet or personal computers for artists in 1980. He knew that one day people would develop technology to meet the need, so it was important to perfect the process of creating outstanding works worth capturing and sharing, in the mean time. Musical inspiration and life lessons were essential to the process. This usually meant taking long periods of time away from music, in order to reflect and imagine better quality material. Nothing happens without new material, but listeners can tell what's authentic and what is just filler. therefore music gets to have the passion required for a hungry listener.

Our Influences

Influences range from classical to hardcore, with a lot of rock and speed metal in between. If you want names, Hendrix, Bach, Minor Threat, Bella Bartok, Johnny Winter, Stones, Beatles, Circle Jerks, Creedence, Deep Purple, Sabbath, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, Red Hot Chili Peppers, FEAR, Canned Heat, Johnny Cash, Megadeth, Ozzy, Foo Fighters, Germs, Roxy Music, TSOL, most horror movies, good comedy, and meaningful relationships. You know. The usual.

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